Agent of User

Maximum Human Output Bandwidth

Last updated: January 02, 2020

Hi, I’m Helder S Ribeiro, aka @agentofuser.

I’m a computer engineer and entrepreneur working to bring the gift of computing to all through User Agency Design.

My current research is on maximizing the human output bandwidth with Keykapp—an inclusive, predictive, and programmable virtual keyboard for all, from eye-blink assistive device users to 10-fingered typing virtuosi.

Areas of interest

  • Accessibility
  • Privacy / Consent
  • The (D)Web Platform
  • Async/Offline Interaction Design
  • Formal Epistemology


I can be found around the internet at:

I read email sent to helder at my username dot com.

Helder S Ribeiro (@agentofuser)

Written by Helder S Ribeiro (@agentofuser) who lives and works on 🌎 Earth building useful things. You should follow them on Twitter