Agent of User


June 25, 2019

Hi, thanks for checking out this page.

As can be seen at this website’s source repository, both the software and the content on are published under the most permissive licenses possible. Essentially in the public domain.

I do this because I don’t want anyone to feel threatened by the coercion implied by copyright law, and also because the biggest scarcity you should be worried about is that of my future ability to create for the public domain, not an artificial scarcity imposed over what I’ve already created.

You know how this works:

  • More financial support for my public domain work =>
  • Less client work I have to do to pay the bills =>
  • More time and resources I can dedicate to said work =>
  • Wider reach and impact of said work and benefit to all living things 🌱

So here is the ask: please install the Brave browser (which is good for you regardless), and add a monthly tip to in the Brave Rewards screen. That way you will help me help you and everyone else.

Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor my work through other channels.

Let’s do it. For the user!


Written by @agentofuser who lives and works on 🌎 Earth building useful things. You should follow them on Twitter