Helder S Ribeiro

Turing completeness for all

June 25, 2019 · Last updated: September 19, 2019

Hi, I’m Helder, aka @agentofuser.

I’m a computer engineer and entrepreneur working to bring the gift of computing to all through User Agency Design.

My current research is on maximizing the human upload bandwidth with #Keykapp🧢—an inclusive, predictive, and programmable keyboard for all.

I also have particular opinions about end-user programmability teachable interfaces, which I want to validate and explore with Keykapp.

I believe everyone should have the power to adapt, improve, and automate their tools, and I have a feeling that #keyboardFirst design is a big part of making this power accessible to people who don’t write software professionally and people with disabilities.

Giving what I can

I donate at least 10% of my gross monthly income to charities and public-interest work. Among other things:

  • I fund direct and unconditional cash transfers to people in need via GiveDirectly.
  • I support the Open Privacy Research Society’s work on the Cwtch metadata-resistant, privacy-preserving messaging app.
  • I support the Talon project for inclusive hands-free input.
  • I donate to content creators and public-interest initiatives via Brave Tips.

Areas of interest

  • Accessibility
  • Privacy / Consent
  • The (D)Web Platform
  • Async/Offline Interaction Design
  • Bayesian Epistemology


I can be found around the internet at:

Helder S Ribeiro (@agentofuser)

Written by Helder S Ribeiro (@agentofuser) who lives and works on 🌎 Earth building useful things. You should follow them on Twitter